Mario And Luigi Rom Makes The Two Plumbers Better Than Ever

There has probably never been a more successful game than Super Mario Brothers. The two Italian plumbers have long earned their way into the annals of game players’ hearts everywhere by offering a fun conquest that not only allows you to save the princess from evil captors, but also to earn points and navigate through a course on your way to victory. It truly is a spectacular game that has seen millions of copies sold over the years.

mario and luigi rom

With such a high standard of excellence, it is easy to see how players of the game would expect the makers of Super Mario Brothers to up their game each time a new version reaches the market. Fortunately, that is exactly what they’ve done as Mario and Luigi Rom is one that you will find is truly entertaining and addicting, giving you adventures that you will enjoy navigating through for hours at a time.

They Truly Are Brothers

What makes this particular version of the game so spectacular is that new control buttons allow you to control both brothers at the same time. This benefits you in numerous ways, which starts with the fact that you can perform special kinds of jumps and other operations when you are controlling both brothers simultaneously.

You will also find that the game gives you the ability to use special features and elements depending upon which of the two brothers is in the lead. This can mean that you can shrink one brother, that you can speed up both brothers at the same time, that you can increase the jumping skill of the two, or that you can take on enemies with greater abilities and power than you had when you were only able to battle with one brother. It truly is amazing what you are able to do when you simultaneously take the two into any situation.

mario and luigi rom

They Still Can Fly Solo

Of course, while you get the added benefit of being able to combine the skills and talents of the two brothers to navigate through the course, you will also love that the game offers you the opportunity to still fly solo with each of the two brothers. This gives those who enjoy being in control of one brother more than the other the advantages of the skill set that is specific brother will have. You may simply like one of the two brothers better, and so Mario and Luigi Rom gives you the ability to control one much more than the other.

It’s Still a Lot of Fun

The new features to Mario and Luigi Rom don’t take away from the enjoyment of this game at all. You will find that there is still a great adventure ahead of you as this version of the game creates the scenario where Princess Peach has had her voice stolen and longtime nemesis Bowser is actually on years to assist you in returning that voice to the princess. The twist is just one of the great aspects that you will love about this game.

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